We provide technical support in virtual and hybrid meetings. Our support services also include the provision of  Remote Interpretation  services.

Each session includes Audio Visual Technicians who offer support with:

  • Scheduling Zoom sessions
  • Assigning breakout rooms
  • Assigning interpreters in multilingual meetings
  • Generating event reports
  • Assisting attendees with * AV issues during the event
  • Assisting presenters with presentations
  • Event Recording
  • Event Banners
Virtual Meetings

Meetings that take place over the internet allowing participants to share information and presentations. Requirements include stable internet connection, smart devices e.g., phone, laptop with camera, special software (Zoom, Skype, Go to meeting, Interprefy etc.)

On the upside Virtual meetings are cost effective while on the downside a number of participants face challenges such power outage, internet downtime, lack of technical know-how during proceedings.

Hybrid Meetings

A physical meeting in which some participants are attending remotely over the internet.

Remote Interpretation Services

Interpretation services via the internet. The interpreter is able to render interpretation services in the desired languages from his / her location. No travel required.
On the upside it is cost saving but continues to suffer from internet challenges at times during proceedings.